Welcome to t-coaching

t-coaching is a method of transformative coaching that focuses on self directed coaching

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Welcome to t-coaching


t-coaching (transformative coaching) is a new method developed by Dr and Mrs Marangoz. It is a form of Life Coaching and Self Help that has been designed to enable you to understand your feelings, emotions and beliefs. t-coaching promotes inner transformation to reduce stress and anxiety and improve your emotional and mental well-being.

It has been perfected after extensive and continuous research into the human psyche, mind, feelings, emotions, heart and energy. My wife and I are sharing this information as life coaches. t-coaching has been put together to assist you to live a happier, more fulfilled life. If you are suffering from any medical or psychological conditions or you are on a medication please consult your GP/family doctor or any other appropriate professional before and after commencing the activities outlined in this website. 

t-coaching places the individual central in a process aimed at understanding and resolution of their emotional issues resulting in positive adaptations to behaviuor, thoughts and feelings. 

Once you understand how t-coaching works you will be able to apply it yourself on an on-going basis.

What is t-coaching?


t-coaching provides the individual with understanding of their feelings, emotions, beliefs and various method of dealing with every day issues such as stress, anxiety, low self esteem and others. 

t-coaching is essentially a series of tools and techniques that have been developed to give the individual the opportunity to go on a journey of self discovery.  It is this process of understanding ones self, your own feelings, emotions and beliefs and how they govern your behaviours and that will enable you to take control of your mental health and well being.


How can it help me?


t-coaching has been designed to help you to cope better with your own feelings and emotions.  Going through the process of understanding yourself and others better will promote improved relationships, more control over your emotional responses and behaviours and a reduction in stress, anxiety, depression.

Stress is a contributing factor to many health issues.  Improving stress can help you to sleep better, eat more healthily, cut down on bad habits like comfort eating and drinking.  Stress can also take its toll on our relationships with our friends, family and loved ones by making us more angry, irritable or generally miserable. The aim of t-coaching is to promote inner calmness, happiness and joy. Tap into limitless creativity within you. 

How does it work?


The basis of t-coaching is that it revolves around self-help. You are free to use the information, tools and techniques that have been made available at your own pace, cherry picking what works best for you. There is no beginning and end to the t-coaching method. You may either work through each action from start to finish or you can miss or move onto whichever aspect resonates best for you.  Likewise once you have worked through each action you can go back through the process again and again as many times as you feel are necessary. 

Think of the process as a circle with no start or finish you are simply choosing an action and working through it.


Improving at your own pace


t-coaching is a personal journey it is designed to be picked up and put down throughout your life experience.  How quickly you navigate though each action, how often you use the tools and techniques is entirely up to you.  Think of t-coaching as an experience in itself you should enjoy each part of the journey not be racing to get to an end destination.  In fact, to eliminate this, t-coaching has no fixed beginning and no end point and you can repeat each action as often or as little as you like, noticing how each time you go through the exercises you learn something new about yourself.  The process, whilst challenging at times, is meant to be liberating, freeing and exciting. Some of the techniques you will learn will serve you for the rest of your life, others may be discarded, but more importantly as a consequence of the coaching you will start to develop your own.

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