Fears & Beliefs

What are fears


In the context of t-coaching fear is a negative belief that we believe to be true. In fact fears, by their very nature, are never actually true. They distort a situation or reality of something, because of their own design, in such a way that a situation or reality of something is perceived 180 degrees away to what actually is or is happening. So, if we perceive a reality or a situation through a fear we perceive opposite to what it actually is! Although they may have been born out of a small seed of truth a fear will take this small, easily manageable truth, and distort it into something far worse and opposite to how the situation or reality of something actually is. You can tell if something is a fear because you will have a disproportionate response to believing it. You can feel fears inside of you or inside of your mind. The fears inside of us are fund by feeling them. The thoughts that we hear in our head as worries, doubts, judgements, expectations and others originate from the fears within us. 

Fears are never true.

What is a belief


Negative beliefs are often learned from others and our past experiences. Those negative experiences also give give birth to new emotions within us with individual negative beliefs for each of them and negative feelings caused by them specific to a situation that had caused them. 

Emotions tend to be made up of a variety of unhappy feelings, fears and other negative beliefs. If you can examine your fears, breaking down what they are, where they come from and what negative beliefs (fears) caused them which are found behind and under the unhappy feelings you can question them, see for the untruth that they for what and by letting go of them that part of you will have clarity and will be able to see the truth  – what actually is happening without projecting an untrue, negative belief on it.  

Your fears will tell you that there is something or other wrong with you, that it is your fault.  Because you are afraid that it might be true you too afraid to face and question your fears in case they might be true. But they never are true. That is how fears get you. The truth can only be seen when we let go of our fears. Never ever be afraid to face your fears. 

There is no need to fear the truth as it is not there to make you feel bad about yourself or to feel unhappy. It always sets you free. Fears imprison, limit, restrict, isolate, diminish you and others. They do not let you see yourself, a situation and others clearly. Sometimes the truth can be hard to hear or see because it triggers emotions within us that block it. Those emotions need to be found, examined and understood. It is there for a reason. It is as any other emotion is helping us to learn a lesson. When we face and let go of a fear, temporarily where there was confusion clarity appears and we can see a situation as it is – the truth of it. 

Once you have understood your emotions, the fears and unhappy feelings caused by them within the emotions, you will be able to face your truths with clarity and composure knowing that whilst it may be exciting and enlightening to work on your own personal development you are doing it from a place of kindness, love and understanding. Not because you feel that you are not good enough, not worthy or there is something wrong with you that needs to be fixed.

You will learn various methods and ways of how to transform and let go of the unhappy feelings and negative beliefs: fears, worries, doubts, judgments, unhealthy expectations that you will find inside of you.