Let's get started

How it works 

Think of your progress with t-coaching like a circle with different wedges. Each wedge represents a different activity.  You can go through each activity one by one, either opting to go down the ‘get started’ menu one after another or by choosing which activities sound the most interesting to you at any given time.

Because t-coaching is self directed you can spend as little or as much time as you would like working through each activity.  

We would invite you to go back and repeat activities as often as you feel you would like to. You will notice that each time you repeat an activity you will learn more about yourself.

Remember this is a journey of self discovery which has no fixed destination other than you feeling better about yourself, understanding yourself more and taking more control of your emotions, beliefs and behaviours.

There is no right or wrong way to approach t-coaching.  It is a very personal journey and as such everybody’s experience will be different.

Bring other people along for the ride


Once you get going with t-coaching and start seeing the benefits you may want to get your friends and family involved.  This is a great idea.  However, remember that it is their personal journey too.  They may get more benefit from working at a different pace to you, or by trying different activities. Be as supportive as you can and encourage them unconditionaly with no expectations of an outcome.