Let's get positive

Using the law of attraction 


If we change the way we are feeling from a negative feeling to a positive feeling we can change what we are attracting to us. Have you ever noticed that if good things happen you get on a roll where everything seems to go your way. Likewise if things are going wrong it feels like nothing ever goes right for you and one piece of bad luck follows the next.

Some people view this change of perception as the law of attraction (LOA) or put another way E=MC2 as originally written by Einstein as m=E/C2. Energy vibrates at different frequencies (wavelengths). Waves of energy are attracted to other waves of energy that are like themselves. Just like we are attracted to people who seem to be on the same wavelength as ourselves. With this in mind when we are feeling happy we attract other people who are feeling happy and when we are feeling sad we can attract people who are also feeling sad. Have you ever noticed that if you are in a good mood you distance yourself from people who are moaning because you don’t want them to bring you down. Furthermore if we are feeling low we can even become irritated with happy people. If someones energetic vibration is strong either positively or negatively it can affect and change others around them. One person can ignite energy and positivity into a room full of people and raise everyones vibration so it matches their own or they can enter a room and pull everyones vibration down to their level. If we hold on to a negative perception we are likely to feel sad or depressed, angry or irritated. If we change our perception to a positive one we can feel calm, contented or even happy.

An assumption that people have about the law of attraction is that all they have to do is imagine or think positive thoughts and they will attract what they want to themselves such as money, love or material possessions. Although imagining good things and thinking positive thoughts is a good starting point, to really change what you are attracting back to yourself you need to also change your actions. Doing whatever feels the most interesting or positive to you, without concentrating or concerning yourself too much on what you expect to happen by doing it, is a useful way to use the law of attraction.

Sometimes people limit themselves to what they believe the law of attraction should provide. If you are doing something that brings joy and fulfilment into your life then what you are attracting to yourself may be more creativity, energy and happiness not necessarily financial gain.

“Follow your excitement without any expectation of an outcome.”


How to follow your excitement


What does it mean to follow your excitement. Really you are just asking yourself you do what feels right and best for you in any given moment. Following your passion or your excitement doesn’t have to be difficult or based on some big idea or notion. You don’t need to aim particularly high or have aspirations of greatness. You simply need to start making small positive choices in your everyday life.

Children are great at following their excitement. Given the opportunity they will naturally gravitate to doing what excites them the most. Unless required to something different they can play for hours moving on from one toy or activity to the next without really expecting anything back from the experience except to enjoy what they are doing. Adults find this approach to living far more difficult to achieve. Because of the beliefs and ideas that we have about what we need or what we should be doing we rarely follow our excitement and if we do we feel that it should be some big gesture or experience. We find ourselves doing things because we expect to achieve something specific by doing it such as making money, feeling better about ourselves or finding love.

When you make day to day decisions based on what would make you happiest and what is achievable in that moment you are successfully following your excitement. Even if it doesn’t seem like you have a lot of options and none of them make you happy pick the option that seems even just a little bit better than the rest. When following your passion, creativity or excitement you are asking yourself to make choices based on what is possible for you to do right now.  For example you may want to sail a yacht around the world but you don’t have any sailing experience, any money to buy a yacht and you have to work a 9 to 5 to pay the mortgage. So follow your excitement and make choices to the best of your ability given the choices that you have available today. Don’t sit around imagining that you are sailing a yacht around the world and expect it to happen or for the money to buy a yacht to fall into your lap. Make positive choices and change your behaviour and actions as you follow your excitement. Find out if there is a sailing club near you, or take a sailing holiday if one is affordable and available. Create your own opportunities and options and follow several passions at the same time if that’s what makes you happy.

What you put into something you will get back. Don’t be lazy. If you want to do something put some effort into doing it. If you really can’t be bothered then ask yourself if you are actually following your excitement or just doing something because you think it will have a positive outcome for you. When you are genuinely interested in doing something and you take steps towards doing it you will feel good, nervous maybe but joyful, excited, full of anticipation and happy. You may start small with baby steps but try to keep following your excitement, wherever it takes you as best as you possibly can. Put as much energy and effort into it as you can and do your best with what you have to work with at that moment in time.

Following your excitement is meant to raise your energetic levels and vibrational frequency. Just raising your own vibration will make you feel better because our bodies are made of energy and like to be stimulated in this way. When you are feeling positive and joyful and your energy is vibrating at a higher level you will find that you will attract more of the same back to you. In other words good things will happen and positive choices will present themselves to you.

The idea is to make positive decisions that feel good to you. If you make decisions or your actions or behaviour results in treating others in a negative way you will not be attracting positive energy to yourself.

“Expectations are obstacles for enjoying what we have.”

Pooja R (Galiana Teagan)

Let go of expectations


Let go of any preconceived ideas or expectations of what the outcome of following your excitement should be. This is easier said than done after all isn’t your excitement supposed to be sailing a yacht around the world? It may be a dream but actually your excitement should be whatever is happening now that fills you with the most joy and raises your vibration into a higher and happier state of being. So if sailing at the weekend makes you happier than doing something else then follow your passion, if reading books about sailing make you happier than reading different books then read them. Let go of needing or wanting something specific from your excitement and just let yourself go where it takes you one step at a time. Who knows you may end up sailing around the world or maybe you never will but you will have a great time following your interests.  Be prepared for your passions to change, be flexible and go with the flow you may start being excited about one thing but then it leads onto something else.  Don’t just stick with something because you thought it was what you should be doing be prepared to follow a winding road. Remember the enjoyment is the journey not the destination.

We are so used to doing things in order to receive something back that it is hard to let go of this concept. We study hard at school to get good grades, we go to work because we earn money, we learn to cook so we can feed ourselves, we learn to drive so we can get from A to B. So when we think about doing something that is fun for ourselves we automatically think about what the the outcome will be. Or worse still we start with the outcome and work backwards such as I want to have lots of money and a big house, my idea for achieving this is X so X becomes the excitement that I am working towards. This process is not following your excitement and as such it is unlikely to fill you with joy. Even if you do achieve your ultimate goal of making lots of money you will not neccessarily enjoy the experience of getting there or even how it feels when you arrive.

There are a number of reasons why you need to let go of your aspirations, expectations and desires for what you think would be the best result from your actions. Firstly you are actually limiting yourself. Whatever you think might be the best outcome for you may be nothing like as good as the actual outcome you could have achieved, if only you were not so determined to direct yourself to what you thought you wanted or needed the outcome to be. If you are flexible in your approach and thinking and just enjoy what you are doing as you are doing it without thinking too much about what will come out of it your possibilities are endless. Secondly the idea is to enjoy what you are doing in each moment to the best of your ability. Your enjoyment level will be reduced and you can literally take all the joy out of something if you are more focused on the outcome than the task at hand. Disappointment is the enemy of positivity. If you have a fixed idea of what you think should happen and something else happens instead then disappointment and dissatisfaction will kick in and completely ruin your buzz. By removing your expectations you are taking the pressure off yourself and others to deliver on an idea. Once you stop expecting things to happen or comparing your results to others and just enjoy your experiences you will find that everything becomes so much more fun.

“What you seek is seeking you.”


Go with the flow


It feels great when when our energy levels are higher and we are feeling good about ourselves and what we are doing. When we have time to follow our creative ideas and passions we can get completely lost in our creative flow and it can feel wonderful to express ourselves creatively in this way. When we are behaving in this way, just enjoying the experience, we are truly following our excitement.

However in day to day life it is not always easy to find the time for ourselves or to have the resources or finances to fully explore our interests. This is why it is good to remember that following your excitement doesn’t have to be about setting out on some big project or fulfilling a dream that you have always had. It is simply about doing what feels best to you at the time. Even small decisions such as shall I have a cup of tea or a cup of coffee? Shall I sit in the garden or go to the park? If you are consciously choosing the decision or path that feels the best for you then you are following your excitement to the best of your ability given the choices that you have in this moment.

If you don’t know what decision to make or which path to follow then go with the direction or decision that meets the least resistance. Try to go with the flow. Sometimes you can find yourself swimming against the tide, life may feel like you are walking through treacle or others have been cautioning you against a course of action but you want to do it anyway. If you feel like you are pushing against a closed door, then maybe a different approach would be better for you. As well as having no expectations about what the results will be try to have no expectations about what decisions and actions you should be taking to get there. It’s fine to have a general plan or a guideline of what you think you should be doing but be flexible and allow yourself to go in a different direction if that seems to be the easiest and most natural thing for you to do. You may make a decision about doing something but then it seems to be quite difficult to achieve and another opportunity presents itself, if you feel good about that opportunity then take it and see where it leads you. It may seem quite random to behave in this way but actually you are allowing yourself to follow the path that you ought to be taking. You can recognise this because it is easy and it feels good and makes you happy.

How many times in life have you gone against yourself or your better judgement and done something because you think you should do it or others have asked you to do it. Maybe you took a job you didn’t like for financial gain, or you embarked on a project that you had no real interest in to please someone else, you studied something that was boring to get a better job or perhaps you stuck with a relationship that was negatively affecting you because you felt responsible for other peoples happiness. When we do these things we are doing the opposite of following our excitement and it is no surprise that our energy levels become low, we get more stressed and it becomes harder to feel joy and contentment.

That doesn’t mean you should pack in your job, buy a backpack and travel around the world. It just means that you should consciously take back control of your own energetic vibration by doing what makes you feel as happy and joyful as you can. You may not like your job and perhaps you should action looking for something else to do that makes you feel more excited. Or perhaps it is enough to focus on what makes you happier in your current situation like opting into projects that feel more exciting to you or making decisions each day that even in some small way feel better than others.

How can choosing between tea and coffee improve my mood? It’s simple, you are starting to understand that each time you act on your excitement, no matter how small that decision may seem, you are beginning to behave in a different way.  Follow that excitement until you can’t take it any further and then choose the next thing to do. If you hit a road block or an obstacle view it as an opportunity. It may be an opportunity to try something different or to take a different approach. Perhaps it is just an opportunity for you to think in a more creative way.

Don’t be put off when things don’t go your way or you forget to follow your excitement. Recriminations and negative thoughts are counterproductive just pick up where you left off and keep going. Everyone gets caught out and sucked into doing things that we later realise held no energetic value or interest for us. Be careful that you are genuinely doing something that feels good to you because you want to do it and not because you are lost in an emotion such as anxiety, stress or responsibility.

It’s great to meet likeminded people to bounce ideas off. Sharing your passions with others can raise your excitement levels and really make things happen. However, don’t put expectations on others or expect anything from them and avoid becoming a passenger and following someone elses excitement. Be the driver of your own life. You should be the star of your own show not the supporting actor.

If you really don’t have any ideas of what you would like to do. Try a non guided mediation whereby you listen to relaxing music or sit outside and listen to the sounds of nature such as a flowing stream. Clear your mind by allowing any thoughts you have to come up but not dwelling on them and just letting them go. When your mind is clear ask yourself what you would like to do and you will have your answer.

When you follow your excitement, passion and creativity in this way happiness and joy will follow.