I will not give in


This emotion can appear on its own or as a pair with control. It seems helpful as it can drive you to complete tasks and pull you through against all odds. However, it can lead you to put yourself in self destructive situations, use up tonnes of energy and push others away. If others are telling you no and you are swimming against the tide ask yourself why you want to behave in this way.  Is it really a worthy cause or do you just not like being told what to do and if so why?

“If you are irritated by every rub, how will your mirror be polished.”


Some People may describe themselves as being defiant or stubborn and you may think of this as being one of your personality traits however most likely it’s just that your emotion of defiance gets triggered easily. Do you find yourself doing the opposite of what people want or expect you to do just to prove them wrong or taking up lost causes that people tell you are impossible but you just feel the need to do it anyway. Sometimes we can feel so self-righteous and positive about doing whatever it is that we are doing that we are totally convinced that it is the right thing to do, absolutely oblivious to the fact that we are acting out of an emotion. When you spend time fully understanding your emotion of defiance you will learn to recognise when it is triggered.  Don’t worry you will still be an unstoppable force but you will be coming from a good place, not confusion and your actions will not be self-destructive or lead you to behaving in ways that have a negative impact on yourself or others.