Needing More

Wanting more of something in an unhealthy way


We all feel like we need things from time to time. But when we our need for something goes from a normal level to a heightened level of desire or neediness we may be coming from an emotion. One way to check if our desire for something is within a normal range is to assess how much of it we need.  For example are you enjoying a glass of wine with a meal or do you feel the need to drink the whole bottle. Do you feel like having a slice of cake or are you cramming sugar into your face like there is no tomorrow. Do you have a healthy sex life or do you constantly need sex and find that shortly after having it you need more. If you find that even though you are doing or experiencing something continuously it just never feels like it is enough or you are still feeling unsatisfied then it is likely that you are coming from an emotion of needing more. This emotion will never feel satisfied and any contentment that you feel by getting whatever it is that you feel you need is short lived and you will soon find yourself wanting more.

Do you really need to have more?

Obvious manifestations of this emotion may include the desire to partake in activities that cause negative responses or feelings such as addictive behaviours including alcohol, drugs, sex, gambling, gaming or food. However, this emotion may present in small, almost unnoticeable ways throughout your daily life. For example having to watch the whole box set into the night or eating too much at dinner.

If you notice that you need to do something or have something in a larger quantity than seems within a normal healthy range then stop and notice what triggered your desire for it. What happens when you don’t allow yourself to have it? How do you feel? Does it trigger any beliefs in you?

This emotion tends to repeat itself quite frequently. Sometimes in ways that are more noticeable and sometimes in more subtle ways that ultimately have an impact on how we feel about ourselves, our self-esteem or stress levels.

Understanding what drives this emotion can be hugely beneficial as you can stop it in its tracks and prevent negative behaviours. Don’t give into the need to have more. Challenge yourself to find out where this emotion comes from, how it feels and what negative beliefs you are buying into.