A feeling is a sensation what you feel within or around your body.

There are two types of feelings: happy feelings: ease, joy, happiness, clarity, confidence, love, excitement, contentment, fulfilment, compassion and unhappy, negative, reactive feelings: anxiety, feeling low, sadness, anger, impatience, jealousy, frustration, self loathing, self hatred, betrayal, impending doom, weakness, not good enough, unworthy, empty, needy, unsafe, guilt, shame, pain, feeling overwhelmed and more.  Happy feelings are always there on the background and some of a happy feeling can turn into an unhappy feeling because of a negative belief. 



A belief is a feeling of being certain that something is true.

The are two types of beliefs: positive and negative beliefs.

Positive beliefs describe a situation or reality as it is. They are objective. They give you a choice. They are like a transparent glass through which you an see everything as it is – the truth. 

Negative beliefs are false, untrue and subjective. If we perceive a situation from a negative belief we see 180 degrees opposite of how it actually is. They do not allow you to see the whole picture, the situation or reality as it is. By design negative believes reject and do not allow us to see, hear, feel, know the reality or a situation as it is and if we view the world through them we project them outwards and see, hear, feel, understand the world around us, a situation, ourselves or others through them. 

Examples of negative beliefs are: fears, worries, doubts, judgements, unhealthy expectations, unhealthy desires, unhealthy attachments, others. 

When you see, hear, feel, understand the world, a situation, others or yourself through negative beliefs you see through a tainted glass/filter that shows you what is not there and doesn’t let you see what is there. 


An emotion

An emotion is a part of us that is self aware and at the core always has a happy feeling: love, ease, joy, peace and can have one or several negative beliefs (fears) and negative feelings caused by the fears. A person has many emotions. Each emotions has it’s own personality and a unique and quite specific view of itself, a particular situation. It might similar or quite different to the rest of your points of view. 


Awareness is a part of you that is aware of emotions, feelings, your Heart, Mind. It is usually in your head is inside of your mind. You are looking, seeing, feeling from there. The essence of you as Awareness is happiness, ease, joy, love, excitement. As Awareness you can drop into your Heart. 



When we talk about Heart we talk about our energetic Heart and not the physical heart that pumps blood around your body. Heart is an important part of you that is located in your chest. The essence of your Heart is happiness, ease, joy, love.
Imagine sending love or warmth to somebody you like or love. Feeling it leaving your chest and going to them. Where it leaves from in your chest is your Heart. Getting know and being in touch with and looking after your Heart is very important. 

Understanding your Heart will help you to learn more healthy relationships, about love, loving relationships. A Heart can feel male or female. 



Mind is a part of you that is in your head and you as Awareness are in it, most of the time. The essence of your mind is clarity, ease, happiness, light. Our minds are full of various negative beliefs about ourselves, others and the life. Most of the time you as Awareness perceive the world through your mind with it’s many negative beliefs. 



Essence is what left when we let go of negative feelings and beliefs. For example: the essence of all emotions is happiness, ease, joy but when it has a negative belief (fear, worry, doubt, judgment, others) in it then part of it turns into a negative feeling (sadness, anger, weakness, frustration, impatience, etc) but at the core it is still ease, joy, happiness. For example the essence of the Heart can generate love, joy, ease. 


Sexual energy/Kundalini

It is another important part of you that is located above the pubic bones, down bellow the belly button and sometimes more to the right or left. You will need to get to know your sexual energy when you learn more lessons about intimacy, sexuality. Kundalini can feel male or female.