Taking responsibility for others


 This emotion feels responsible for others, which can drive you to take on things that others should be doing for themselves or worrying about what others are doing. By picking up the emotional or physical slack for others you are both exhausting yourself and taking away from others the ability to do and think for themselves.  Examine this emotion and find out why you really feel responsible.

Don’t limit other peoples opportunity to grow

Whilst it is good to take responsibility for your own actions you should not feel the need to shoulder the responsibility for others. You may take on a role of being the responsible person in your relationships or friendships. When the emotion of responsibility is triggered it can cause us to act out of our emotions and fears. Perhaps you believe that if you don’t do something then things will go wrong or perhaps you don’t feel that you can rely on others to take responsibility for themselves. Taking on the emotional or physical responsibility for other people can overload you and make it harder for you to look after yourself. You are also denying others the opportunity to develop and grow. Remember everyone is ultimately responsible for themselves and sometimes the best lessons and realisations come from something that we may label as a failure but was in fact a great opportunity to learn more about ourselves and our own personal development.