Colour Therapy

The healing power of colours and light


In scientific terms light can move as waves (measured in wavelengths) or as particles. A wavelength is the distance from one point to a corresponding point on a subsequent wave. All the colours that we can see fall between 400 and 700 billionths of a meter. Light waves are also measured according to their frequency. Our eyes can pick up anything from 430 trillion Hz (red) to 75- trillion Hz (violet). Visible light can also be measured by its energy. All waves are made of travelling frequency, the more energy a wave has the higher its frequency. Violet is the highest frequency colour as it has the most energy, red has the lowest frequency and and least energy.

Quantum physicists discovered that we are all made of atoms and that physical atoms are made up of vortices of energy that are constantly spinning and vibrating.  We are in fact not made of a physical structure but of energy and vibration.

The body is stimulated by the energetic frequency of colours which may be why colour therapy was used as a medicine in the form of phototherapy or chromotherapy by the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Indians and Chinese long before the discoveries by quantum physicists were made.  For centuries sunlight, minerals, stones, crystals and dyes have been prescribed for their healing properties as well as the absorption of colour with water (hydrochromopathy).

Some forms of yoga promote the use of the chakra system. The chakra is like a spiral of energy, each one relating to the others. Each chakra has its own energy. Colour therapy helps to re-balance the chakras of the body because the different colour frequencies resonate with the chakra energy.

“If you want to know the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

Nikola Tesla

How to use colours with t-coaching


There are a variety of colour and light therapies which may be helpful and therapeutic to you. However for the purposes of t-coaching we will be focusing on harnessing the energy and frequencies of different colours by imagining the colour and using this illusion to change our perception at a neuronal level.

Once we understand colours as different energetic frequencies that we are attracting to ourselves in order to affect a change in our own energetic frequency, we can utilise the power of our own imaginations and imagery to change our perception of reality and the way we feel.

Our feelings also have their own unique energetic frequency and charge. With the help of different colours we can transform our unhappy feelings back into happy feelings.

Psychologically colours already have a powerful effect on our emotional and physical well being.  How you feel about colours is personal to you and can be influenced by your cultural beliefs, past experiences and personal preferences. 

We have included below some ways to utilise different colours to enhance your experience with t-coaching. Once you get the hang of utilising colours in this way you may wish to use different colours in a way that is more personal to you.


Violet vibrates at the highest frequency and it has the most energy which is why it can be particularly healing.

The colour violet is synonymous with spiritual awareness, vision and meditation.

Being the last visible wavelength before the ultra-violet ray it is the most powerful colour to use to calm your nerves or reduce the impact of feeling anxious or being lost in an emotion.

You can use the Violet meditation to help calm yourself down or to reduce the impact of feelings or emotions if you are overwhelmed by them.

Yellow and Gold 

The yellow wavelength is stimulating and the colour is synonymous with confidence and emotional strength. 

You can use yellow and gold to lift your self esteem and promote feelings of happiness and optimism.

Gold can be used effectively if your emotional state is causing you to feel not good enough or not worthy.

The Yellow and Gold meditation can be used to give yourself a boost of confidence or to feel better about yourself if you are feeling a bit down.


Although pink is a form of red it is powerful enough as its own entity to promote feelings of love, nurturing and warmth.

Pink can be used to promote calmness and wellbeing.

Pink can be useful when conjuring up feelings of love and affection towards ourselves and others.

Pink can also be used to promote calmness and contentment.

You can use the Pink meditation to send love to yourself and if you would like to send your loving energy out to others.




Orange is a combination of yellow and blue and is therefore very stimulating. Orange can be used to increase creativity, abundance and fun.

Orange can be used to mix things up a bit, which can seem a bit negative but it can actually lead to realisations and a more creative approach to problems.

Orange is a great colour to use if you are struggling with a creative block or your thinking has become too rigid.

The Orange meditation is good for giving yourself a boost of energy.



White is a powerful colour to utilise. It promotes clarity and cuts through barriers. White is uncompromising and goes directly to the truth.

White is a great colour to use for increased power and strength. It is also good to use if other colours are not working effectively.

You can use white in conjunction with any other colour to amplify their effect.

The white meditation can be used to clear your body and mind.