The green eyed monster


Jealousy can hide behind anger. In its core jealousy feels that somebody is getting more love, attention, time, money or something else because they have more or are worth more or perceived as being better than you in some way.

“The root of suffering is attachment.”


Jealousy can promote negative feelings and may stem from negative beliefs. It can have a negative impact on your behaviour and in turn your relationships and how you view yourself. It can work hand in hand with other emotions such as control, comparison and not good enough.

Jealousy can seem harmless when triggered in a smaller way and you may be tempted to view your own or others jealousy as a healthy response, such as feeling more loved when a partner is jealous of other admirers. However, it is better to nip this behaviour in the bud early on by examining your emotion as gentle reactions can grow into full blown control as time goes on.

In addition feeling jealous of others leads to issues with self-esteem, self worth and other negative feelings.