Sorry for being sorry


This emotion will have you apologising for even being alive! If you find that you are constantly apologising for things, even when deep down you don’t feel that it is your fault please stop and examine how you are feeling and what is causing this behaviour.  It is easy to think that by apologising you are removing the stress from the situation however over time constantly feeling less than others or like you have to resolve others problems will take its toll on your mental health. 

You are not less important or valuable than others

Saying sorry to someone when you have genuinely done something or said something that has had a negative impact on them is a good way of letting them know that you love them, respect them and care about their feelings. There is nothing wrong with apologising and sending your positive love and energy to others in an unconditional way. However, if saying sorry is automatically your first response or you find yourself apologising when it is not appropriate to do so, or even when you are not to blame you may be coming from an emotion.

Ask yourself what triggers this response in you, what it makes you feel, what you are afraid of and what beliefs you may have about yourself and others.