Running around in a frenzy


This emotion will have you running around like a headless chicken. Are you frantically completing a project, cleaning your house, or working ‘but you don’t understand this has to be done’ right?  Wrong, examine why you feel that you need to do what you are doing. Go beyond the obvious because my boss expects me to, because we have guests arriving, because I promised. Look to what sits behind frantic what are you really feeling, people won’t like me or may judge me, I am afraid of failure etc. Once you have dealt with your frantic emotion and the feelings that come with it you can go back to completing your task in a calm manner and actually enjoy the experience of doing it. Nobody enjoys being frantic!

“Find out who you are and do it on purpose.”

Dolly Parton

If you feel like you are in a mad panic to get something done. Stop and question what you are doing. Whilst it is fine to complete tasks to a tight deadline it’s how you feel about doing it that matters. A little bit of pressure can be good for you as it can break you free from melancholy or procrastination and encourage you to think more creatively. But if the experience is not a positive one and your negative emotions are being triggered it may be worth taking some time to understand your frantic emotion.  Once you have understood what causes your negative response you can carry on with the task at hand in a way that makes it more enjoyable for you.

Often the emotion of frantic is caused by feelings of not being good enough or capable enough or because you are worried about how others will perceive you or judge you or even how you judge yourself. You may feel that you have to do something to please others or because it is expected of you. Check why you are doing what you are doing, why you perhaps put off doing it until the last minute or why you are not enjoying the task. Question why you are doing something if it goes against your authentic self.

Also try to change your perception of how you see the task. Instead of it being an unnecessary chore that you don’t really want to do, focus on something about it that would make it more enjoyable such as taking the time to clean things properly, improving your skill level or helping others. Changing the way you feel about what you are doing will directly change how you are feeling from anxious, unhappy and fed up to joyful, calm and even excited.