Need to Please

Pleasing others because you feel you should


This emotion feels like it needs to please others, usually at your own expense.  It can hide feelings of not being good enough or fears that you will not be liked, loved or needed.  It can drive you to avoid saying no when you have already taken on too much, or lead you to put yourself into situations that you know are stressful for you because you would rather please others.  If you know you are doing something or signing up for something that you would rather not do examine this emotion.

Ask yourself if what you are doing is bringing you joy

You may try to fool yourself that you are doing this because it is best for everyone including yourself. By ignoring what you really want to do, what would make you happy or what is best for yourself you are storing up negative feelings and emotions for another day. 

You are also taking away from others their ability to make decisions or deal with their own emotions and feelings by protecting them or sheltering them. In the long run this will not be helpful to them.

If you feel like you are behaving in a way that is not being true to your authentic self or you are not expressing how you really think or feel, especially if it is to consciously fit in with others expectations of you, then you could be coming from this emotion.