Can't Rely

I’ll do it by myself


This emotion assumes that it can’t rely on anyone. It can make you anxious or irritated or even angry. It can cause stress because a response can include taking things into your own hands, not asking for help and putting yourself into a situation whereby you can become overwhelmed.

Let go of your high expectations and rigid thinking

Can’t rely assumes that it can’t ask for help or rely on others. It may like to feel superior to others, more intelligent or somehow better than everyone else. Perhaps it is afraid of disappointment or failure. It can cause friction in relationships because it can cause you to shut people out or behave in ways that make you seem unapproachable or judgemental. People can feel the weight of your disapproval and perhaps worry that they will not be able to meet your exacting standards. It is self perpetuating as you feel that you can’t rely on others so you don’t even try to garner their assistance. You set people up to fail or let you down and so they do thus proving your point that you could not rely on them in the first place.